Social change immersion. University students identify their core values and beliefs.

Be the difference in your community.


Building meaningful relationships

University students serve children in street situations every Saturday. At FOA service begins with building meaningful relationships.

Develop your leadership skills. Step outside your comfort zone, be present, listen and serve children in street situations.

Education, well-being, and social connections

At FOA’s Norviwo Community Centre (Norviwo), FOA Leaders and volunteers deliver the Transition Off the Streets Program (TOSP) to prepare children off the streets for school or vocational training.

Invest in the education, well-being and family tracing of children off the streets, and support their reintegration into society.

Expanding opportunity

FOA provides pathways to education and vocational training for children off the streets, to enable them to become productive and responsible citizens.

Ensure there is a viable option for every child regardless of their gifts, interests, and/or abilities to succeed

Family tracing

The FOA team traces existing family members and guardians to reunite their children and create care plan.

Connect with family to gain a better understanding of the circumstances that push children to live on the streets.

Emergency medical response

FOA responds to the urgent medical needs of children in street situations who often have access to poor or no healthcare.

We are there for children in street situations when they are most vulnerable. Our timely responses have prevented multiple medical issues from turning fatal.