Our dream is to become a multinational community development organization that invests in local-ownership of social change in Africa. To equip committed young people to solve social issues that impact the wellbeing of people in their own communities across the African continent. To spread a culture of self-sacrifice, empathy, and social justice in our African communities.



Our purpose is to transform Africa. Equip young leaders to respond to a higher calling; to acknowledge the equal value of all human lives with a commitment to do what is fair and just to our neighbors. To adopt a lifestyle of empathy and service to free the oppressed, sharing our food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor to our homes and putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad. To start giving ourselves to the down-and-out in our communities and let our lifestyle of self-sacrifice and justice bring change to the lives of the overlooked and ignored in our communities. 

Our Mandate


Equip children in street situations to become leaders.


Children in street situations are at risk of significant health challenges with continuous exposure to mosquitoes, drugs, abuse and STI’s.

Our goal is to restore their health with a focus on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

We prioritize building trusting relationships,  serving healthy meals, rehabilitation, medical care and family reconciliations to enable our FOA Children to achieve permanency. Our work with them puts them on a positive track for growth and continuous progress.


Children in street situations come from families who are poor. Majority of them drop out of school or have never been to school due to poverty. After living many of their formative years in the streets, they have no employable skills. They eventually fall back into an endless cycle of poverty.

Education is a critical part of our back to life transition. We enroll committed FOA Children in traditional and alternative education system depending on their passions and experiences.

We closely journey with them and their schools to support this new chapter in their lives. We monitor their progress to ensure they are on a good path for growth and wellbeing.


It is not uncommon for children in street situations to become destitute, hopeless and disenfranchised. They are often treated as unworthy because they are written off as social deviants. 

Through counseling, coaching and our investment in their education, we are able to transform their mindsets, fill them with hope and encourage them to respond to a higher calling; using their experiences to ultimately serve and improve the lives of people in their communities.

We harness their courage, tenacity and grit to be change makers wherever they find themselves.