Rachael Bull
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Today marks four weeks of our Transition Off the Streets (TOS) program here at the Norviwo Community Centre. The week has been one full of learning and laughter for both our #FOAChildren and #FOALeaders.

In the classroom, our daily programming has focused on literacy, numeracy, science, and arts. A highlight for our #FOAChildren is always their art projects, which provide effective and engaging methods of self-expression. It has also become a highlight for our #FOALeaders to see the creativity and self-confidence that these projects encourage.

One of the highlights at Norviwo this week was a LEGO project. Everyone’s designs were unique and included some impressive airplanes, trucks and building structures. Soloman (left) and Bismark (right) show off their housing creations.

We are so thankful for this space and the people within it that provide security and a sense of belonging for our #FOAChildren. We are blessed to have Auntie Clara, who keeps Norviwo running smoothly from morning to night. Her delicious cooking keeps our stomachs full, and her contagious smile brings happiness to everyone around her. Auntie Clara makes a lot of things possible at Norviwo, but most notably providing a sense of family as she brings everyone together to eat.

Tomorrow we will be on the streets for our weekly outreach, and on Monday we will be back at Norviwo for the fifth week of our TOS programming. We look forward to what the next week has in store, and we are so grateful for everyone who makes FOA possible. #FOAFamily