Future of Africa (FOA) serves children (below 18 years) in street situations (FOA Children) in Accra. Our dedicated team of FOA Leaders is passionate about protecting the rights of all children. Our commitment is to equip FOA Children to find their way to live productive lives and be responsible adults.

The increasing number of children in street situations in Ghana is deeply concerning. Children in street situations are survivors of many despicable acts of injustice committed to them by adults they trust. They flee to the streets in search of freedom from poverty,  abuse, and trauma but instead they lose their lives to drugs, crime, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, and mental illness.

The FOA Children Program invests in the wellbeing, education, and purpose of children in street situations. FOA equips them with the necessary skills and resources to become responsible and productive members of our communities.

What do FOA Children experience?

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    FOA Children come from families who suffer from moderate and extreme poverty

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    Drug abuse

    FOA Children abuse drugs as a coping mechanism for life in the streets

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    FOA Children often eat one meal a day or sometimes go to bed hungry

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    FOA Children experience regular physical, emotional and sexual assault from family members, police and passersby.

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    No Education

    Majority of FOA Children drop out of school or have never been to school due to poverty.

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    Single parent

    Most FOA Children come from broken homes where they live with a parent or guardian due to divorce, abuse, negligence or teenage pregnancy.

How are we solving this issue?

Street Outreach

FOA Leaders and volunteers connect with FOA Children every week at the Opeibea, Shiashi, Okponglo and American House intersections. We use literacy, arts and crafts, and food as a tool for establishing trust and building meaningful relationships. Our team responds to first-aid and urgent medical needs and organize excursions to expose them to new realities off the streets.

We have connected with over 120 FOA Children through our weekly outreaches. Our FOA Leaders and volunteers care for them, offer their friendship and foster a sense of belongingness. This is the first step of our plan to transition FOA Children off the streets.

***FOA plans to establish a Community Center in Accra by 2019. This will serve as a haven and a drop-in center for daily programming, meals, counseling and coaching, service, leadership development and the coordination of all FOA related activities.

FOA Home Care

FOA transitions children who demonstrate readiness for change into FOA’s Home Care Program. FOA Children live with caring adults in a home setting and benefit from counseling and coaching, re-socialization, rehabilitation, character development and family reconciliation.

We have successfully transitioned 8 children off the streets in one year. FOA’s Home Care Program provides safety, stability, and discipline in a positive environment. FOA Children benefit from mentorship and care from loving adults.

***Our long-term plan is to work with the government and like-minded organizations to establish a robust foster care system that will provide children in street situations with permanency. It is important to us that FOA Children maintain their language and other essential elements of their culture.

Basic Education

FOA enrolls children in the Home Care Program in schools. FOA provides scholarships and essential support to enable them to thrive in their new environment.

Education is a critical part of our transition. FOA Children benefit from new routines, new friends, discover new abilities and are inspired to dream beyond their past realities. Children who do not thrive in the traditional system explore vocational skills training to develop practical skills for employment and jobs.

***FOA currently has children enrolled in Hope Christian Academy, Hope Training Institute, Smile Child Academy and Airport Barracks Basic school. We have secured 76 acres of land in Lolito and plans are underway to build FOA’s Center for Wellbeing, Education and Purpose. 

Higher Education

Our plan is to equip FOA Children to pursue professional Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) or University Education. We will offer workshops and mentorship to put FOA Children on a path of growth, development, and independence.

Inspiring FOA children to pursue higher education will give them the tools to break through the cycle of poverty they were born into.

***Our plan is to give FOA Scholars mentors and role models who can identify with the realities of FOA Scholars and give them practical support to achieve their goals. 

FOA Children need advocates just like you!

  • Join our Street Outreach every Saturday from 5-9 pm at the Opeibea intersection
  • Volunteer at our programs
  • Sign up for service-learning
  • Become an FOA Leader
  • Start an FOA Community in your High School or University
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