What FOA Leaders stand for is embedded in being part of Future of Africa (FOA), upholding the values of FOA’s work throughout their communities. FOA Leaders are an integral part of FOA’s work. They respond to a higher call by investing in the wellbeing, education, and purpose of children in street situations. FOA Leaders provide professional and operational support to FOA’s programs and partners in Africa. They are building a culture of service in Africa; where young leaders take responsibilities to address the social issues they see in their communities.

What do FOA Leaders do?

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    Build relationships

    FOA Leaders are consistent and committed to  listen, teach, play and mentor FOA Children.

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    Power social change

    FOA Leaders volunteer their time and skills to drive social change in their communities.

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    Mobilize young people

    FOA Leaders inspire students in high schools and universities to get involved and address social issues in their communities.

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    Build bridges

    FOA Leaders are interculturally competent and build bridges across socio-economic classes and ethnic groups.

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    Engage local communities

    FOA Leaders create solutions to social issues that impact the wellbeing of people in their own communities.

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    Respond to a higher calling

    FOA Leaders acknowledge the most important job they have is to be an example of “love your neighbor” 

Join the next cohort of FOA Leaders

Every year 30 young people join a cohort of new emerging leaders from high schools and universities in Accra. These leaders participate in a one-year fellowship to uphold FOA’s values of service, compassion, and justice in their communities. FOA Leaders explore social issues in their own communities and their role in improving the well-being of people around them. These Leaders serve to build a culture of service in Africa; where young leaders take responsibilities to address the social issues they see in their communities.

Our 2019 fellowship will run from January to December 2019. Applications will open November 19th, 2018.

Selected FOA Leaders will be notified by December 17th, 2018.



The FOASLP starts by volunteering at organizations leading social change or addressing issues of injustice. FOA Leaders could also choose to volunteer at Future of Africa's Good Neighbor Program. This is to introduce Leaders to the basics of service and overcome the barriers of doing something unconventional.



Young Leaders identify issues or causes they are passionate about and take a bold step to start initiatives and/or improve existing initiatives. Young Leaders learn about the importance of sacrifice and putting the needs of others ahead of your own.



FOA Leaders participate in guided reflections to explore the importance of service, who they are and what they stand for. Leaders are introduced to core values unpack the root causes of many injustices in our community.



We pair FOA Leaders with Senior Leaders to go on a personal and professional development journey. Through mentorship Leaders share experiences, offer advice, constructive criticism and invest in the development of each other. Mentors put the needs of their mentees first. We hold FOA Leaders accountable to their commitment to serve in their communities.



FOA Leaders share their experiences of service with their peers to learn from each other, challenge each others perspectives in a safe and constructive environment. Young leaders use creative and critical thinking to respond to their observations and actions.



At the end of the program, FOA Leaders join a community of change makers serving to improve the wellbeing of people in their communities and beyond. Through conferences, newsletters and events Leaders share their experiences and continue to learn from each other. Leaders are recognized for their contributions in making Africa better.

Who can apply?

Current full-time or part-time high school or undergraduate students eligible to study in Ghana are welcome to apply. FOA is committed to recruiting a diverse cohort of young people and is proud to be an inclusive organization. FOA does not discriminate against any person on the basis of ethnic group, color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, citizenship status, abilities or medical condition.

We encourage young people of all backgrounds to apply. If you are a qualified candidate with a different ability, you may contact us at leaders@futureofafrica.org if you require further support.

FOA will cover costs related to training and programs. Please remember this is a volunteer opportunity. No FOA Leader will be paid to participate in any program related activity.