Three girls begin a new life off the streets of Accra


Okponglo, Accra, April 17, 2018.

These girls are brave, strong and confident. One would expect otherwise after 17 years of suffering in the hands of men, police and mosquitoes but they choose life. They have enough spirit to light up any God-forsaken environment they walk into. On April 17, we began another journey to help them transform their lives. At ages 16, 15, and 14 they have chosen to be free from the brutalities of living in the streets of Accra and we couldn’t be any happier.

Through torrential downpours and sickness these girls slept in dark mosquito infested shacks at Airport Bush, sidewalks of Marina Mall, Opeibea Intersection and the Legion slum. They survived on pocket change from begging and on bad days scrap food from the trash bins of Kotoka International Airport and Holiday Inn Accra. Out of fear for their safety, these girls befriended boys in the street who often took advantage of their desperation and demanded for sexual favors in exchange for protection, food and money.

“At Future of Africa we understand it takes building meaningful, safe and trusting relationships with children in street situations to help them transform their lives.” FOA Leaders get to know children in street situations through their weekly Good Neighbors Program. They engage children with literacy programs, arts and craft and other fun activities.  They share meals and engage in conversations to get to know them as well as convince them of a better life off the streets.

“We have to leave our biases behind and engage them as humans. These CHILDREN are the victims not the problem”

These girls hang up their chalewates to pursue a new life of learning, healing and growth. They are currently enrolled in a boarding school where they have access to safety, quality education, counseling and a hope to realize their full potential.

“FOA is proud of their decision and we are committed to helping these children transform their lives. We are working closely with their families to restore broken relationships. Our plan is to equip them to be responsible young leaders to transform their lives and their communities.

If you are touched or inspired by our work please you can support our mission to lead social change in our communities.

*Chale Wate literally means friend let’s go – it is a popular name for bathroom slippers in Ghana