Rachael Bull
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Today at the Norviwo Community Centre we are busy wrapping up the 8th week of our Transition off the Streets (TOS) Programming. The last eight weeks have flown by for our #FOAFamily, and we are constantly amazed at all that we have accomplished. We have discovered what we as a family care about, and we believe that we have great power for change. Our #FOAChildren have shown us dedication and commitment as our class sizes have almost doubled; Our #NorviwoScholars have shown us resilience and determination as they continue to work hard and make progress; and our #FOALeaders have shown us integrity and creativity as Norviwo’s programming constantly evolves to better reflect the individuality of our students and the core values of FOA.

This week we had a few highlights, including brownies made by one of our #FOAVolunteers, a challenge of riddles, and an arts and crafts class where the #NorviwoScholars each made their own bags. Creative projects are always encouraged by our #FOALeaders as we have learned that our #NorviwoScholars love to express themselves. We believe that a good classroom environment here at Norviwo requires some element of creativity, whether it be open ended questions, team activities, brainstorming or arts and crafts projects. We have witnessed how innovative our children are, and crafts like this keep our programming more engaging and interactive.

Despite a week full of activity and programming, the big feature at Norviwo this week was without a doubt Solomon’s 17th birthday celebration. We are so thankful to have Solomon in the #FOAFamily and we feel privileged to have celebrated this special day with him. It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful; and as we express our gratitude for Solomon, we are filled with so much joy.

“May the happiness and optimism that you constantly spread throughout Norviwo come back to you on this day. Wishing you, Solomon, the happiest of birthdays. We believe that you were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned into the #FOAFamily and we wish for the best things to come as you start this new year.”